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If your living in the area ie within Gibraltar or La Linea (in Spain right on border) its only a short taxi ride or bus. you can get local taxis pretty easy in Gibraltar but the major consideration is if you are traveling outside of Gibraltar.

With the ongoing disputes between Spain and Gibraltar the border patrol are laboring and tense to put it mild. So what would normally be a 5 minute minibus or taxi ride can take upto 1,2 or even 3 hours if traveling into the nearby town of La Linea, Spain!!

Alternatives Airport Transfers to Consider

Another alternative to flying into Gibraltar is to fly into Malaga Airport. Now listen me out before saying why on earth…. If you are visiting Gibraltar great, its not worth considering flying to Malaga. But if you are going to Estepona, San Roque, Algeciras, Duquesa, Sotogrande and surrounding areas then AGP is an option and heres why.

Several minibus companies like Malaga Airport Transfers S.L. run services that will take upto 17 adults in 1 minibus from Malaga Airport to Gibraltar return for a very reasonable rate.

For a recent price and minibus service comparison post then read more over at

Then this opens up a whole lot of new flight possibilities depending on where in the UK you are flying from or other places in Europe.

More flights is more competition and more competition is cheaper flights and more options on flight times.

So Although the transfer time from AGP to Gibraltar via the toll road may take a minibus 90 minutes. You can see once you factor in a discounted per person on airport transfers and the money saved on cheaper flights plus add to that the delayed waiting times on the border then its a viable option