Car Hire Gibraltar

Exploring This Tiny Magical Place *

Gibraltar is a wonderful place, a hot pot of mixed cultures, race and diversity and must be explored to realise its potential as a sightseers paradise. The heritage, and history pours out of every nook and cranny in this tiny country.

Sure the streets of Gibraltar are narrow and in some places downright congested, however there’s no better way to get a feel of the place than by driving around. There is no greater proof of this than the number of car owners. Gibraltar has one of  the highest levels of per capita car ownership in the world.


All traffic in Gibraltar is on the right of the road, so anyone from the UK will require a little bit of adjusting. The main reason for changing from left to right side driving was to reduce the number of accidents for traffic coming in from the Spanish side. The Spanish just didnt get it in the early days thus resulting in too many accidents!

With about 50 kilometers of road, there’s enough tarmac to get you around the Rock; giving you a taste of this historic land.

Unlike most places, Gibraltar oozes great historical events that it has sponged up over the years. There’s the Great Siege Tunnels and World War II Tunnels if you’re into history or you could opt for stunning views of the Mediterranean or the spilling land mass of the African continent from Europa Point. It’s always exhilarating driving through the stretch of Main Street that intersects Gibraltar’s runway.


For those driving in from Spain don’t be discouraged by the long queues. Yes, they sometimes they can be long, especially after recent conflicts between the Gib/Spanish authorities. However the average time drivers spend on the queues is 25 minutes.

Car Hire in Gibraltar *

There are plenty of car rental companies located on the “Rock”. Why hire a car? Well although getting around a small place can seem a bit pointless, it becomes a welcomed exercise if you want to get into the heart of the upper rock , and adventure around other tourist attractions such as St. Michael’s Cave, Great Siege Tunnels and the Apes Den.


Obviously, it’s not compulsory to stay within the small territory of Gibraltar. Crossing the border better know to locals as the “frontier” opens up new horizons to tourists and explorers alike. Immediately into La Linea as you cross into Spanish mainland.


Essential Places to Visit *

  • Due to its size (7 everything is within a short ride in Gibraltar so you have no excuses, explore everything!
  • A great view point is located at Europa Point. this is where the Med Seas meets the Atlantic Ocean.
  • To meet the Apes go to the Upper Rock, oh and not to mention a vista to die for.
  • Visit the Siege Tunnels that were used as successful defense system in war gone days
  • The magical history of this tiny sovereignty is captured in Gibraltar Museum, well worth a visit
  • Meet some dolphins in the Atlantic or cruise around the bay and coastline of these hot shores.

gibraltar7Tips for Driving *

The freedom and flexibility of hiring your own vehicle becomes very apparent when maneuvering around Gibraltar. The public transportation leaves a lot to be desired and taxis are expensive. Driving and road signs are very “British” and its easy to navigate your hire car around this UK sovereign peninsula.

Pointers for an easy ride *

Driving age: 21 years to hire a car.

Driving licences: A UK driving licences is  accepted in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar drive on: right-side

Speed limits: city roads: 30mph / (50kph)

Seatbelts: Compulsory. As in the UK fines are handed out to anyone found not complying. Child seats for children under the age of three.

Alcohol: 0.05% is the legal limit in Gibraltar’s. This is a lot stricter than the UK’s 0.08% tolerance. there are regular checkpoints around the Rock so please avoid drinking and driving your vehicle.

Mobile phones and GPS: those found using a mobile device while driving risk being prosecuted. GPS comes in handy when navigating the country’s narrow streets or when venturing into Spain.

Fuel costs in Gibraltar: Considerably cheaper for diesel and unleaded petrol than the UK and Spain. Petrol taxation is a lot less than Britain.

Getting your hire car: UK driving license (paper) and a valid credit card is needed by the rental company. Although you will have your passport as its a prerequisite to get in and out of Gibraltar

Parking/Traffic: During peak times try and avoid the city centre. Its well documented that Gib has a lot of cars and not many parking spaces. Its recommended to use the NCP car parks in Devil’s Tower Road and Corral Road.