Living In Gibraltar

Gibraltar is more than a prime holiday spot; it’s a great place to live. Its strategic position on the southern tip of Europe makes Gibraltar a melting pot of different cultures; the Spanish living in the North, the English in Gibraltar itself (not to mention the local populace) and the vast African continent only 14 miles away.

With a rich history and a Mediterranean weather it would be a surprise if no one wanted to settle down here.

Apartment Rentals

There are plenty of apartment rentals that dot the exotic landscape and plenty of them are located along the coast; giving you a stunning view of the spectacular seascape.

200 Both Worlds

Located on Sandy Bay, 200 Both Worlds suite apartments offer a serene ambiance embellished with a blissful view of the sea.

The decorations and furnishings are of pristine standard complete with a private balcony. For convenience there’s an elevator located a couple of meters from the apartments.

The 200 Both Worlds are ideal for couples (not so much for kids).

8 Nimbus, Tradewinds

Overlooking Marina Bay, the 8 Nimbus, Tradewinds is a delightful hub of Gibraltar hospitality. Featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this apartment suite also has free Wi-Fi, car parking and lift access.

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, 8 Nimbus, Tradewinds is definitely something to be considered.

Kings Wharf

Sporting a state of the art fitness centre and self-catering amenities, King’s Wharf gives off an executive aesthetic in an exclusive apartment block. The available 500sq ft terrace offers a breath catching view of the Straights and Africa.

If you plan on staying longer than 2 weeks be prepared to offer references. King’s Wharf is the ideal place to stay on a winter sun getaway or cycling trips.

Crystal Seas

Furnished in chic taste, Crystal Seas oozes an artistic look and feel. Immerse yourself in a hot tub juxtaposed against lush tropical gardens or take a stroll down to Main Street.

Located within the famed Ocean Village complex, Crystal Seas offers its guests a prime choice of classy restaurants, bars and swimming pools not to mention some of the best views of Spain and the old town.

Night Life

Gibraltar’s night life is vibrant; so long as you know where to go. Worth mentioning from the get-go is that many of the pubs around here are British with a touch of Spain.

The Tunnel

Located on the lively Casemates Square, The Tunnel is one of the favorite spots (especially if you fancy a bit of karaoke). During summer, they close in the wee hours of the morning (5 a.m) and its something you want to consider especially if you are out with friends. The occasional live band creates an electric atmosphere that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Adjacent to the The Tunnel is the Latinos a restaurant/music bar. Established sometime in 2002, the Latinos has a range of excellent range of cuisine to offer making it ideal for either an evening meal or quick lunch.

Weekends are prime time for Latinos where anything goes, including table dancing. We’d recommend you don’t “break a leg”.

Lord Nelson

Don’t let the name fool you! No gentry found here. What you will find however is a collection of niftily themed nights. Starting from Thursday through Sunday you can indulge yourself in any of the planned activities from live bands and Karaoke to acoustic sessions on Sunday.

Lord Nelson is a great place to lounge whether you’re into the party scene or not. An eclectic menu replete with tempting delights the Lord Nelson is worth a visit.


A duty free shopping zone, Gibraltar’s varied range of shops offer an assorted list of products at an affordable price. Shops are mostly lined up on Main Street where you’ll find anything you’re looking for from textiles like cashmere and silk to more dynamic products like bespoke glass designers and even cutting edge electronics.

There are many cheap shops all over Gibraltar and finding the best deal sometime can be a hassle. But don’t let that concern you as we’ve listed down some of the best places worth checking out.

Gibraltar Crystal

A family owned business located on Grand Casemates, Gibraltar Crystal will give you a piece of Gibraltar to take back home with you. One of the few glass blowing companies remaining, Gibraltar Crystal features both standard and custom-made glassware.

Gibraltar Crystal even offers glassblowing sessions under the tutelage of their practiced masters.

Marks & Spencer

Their store here in Gibraltar is in fact very British (no surprises there) and just like the ones at home, this one stocks a variety of men’s and women’s clothing not to mention other accessories such as Wedgewood porcelain or even the English Marmalade made from Spanish oranges.


Give your wardrobe a new look with something trendy, classic or just standard from the Next store.  Next offers free delivery (to your doorstep!) in Gibraltar which definitely makes them stand out from the rest of their competition.


No holiday destination is ever complete without exotic cuisine and Gib is no exception. There are plenty of eateries available out here. Some of course are better than others.

With so many cultures in Gibraltar it goes without saying that the food also reflects this astounding diversity. Here’s some of our own favorite places.


Gibraltar’s best kept secret is no longer the surreptitious culinary treasure it used to be. The good food, delightful service and great value have made it a popular spot both with the locals and famished tourists.

What you’ll really like about the food is that the servings are generous, well executed and the ingredients top notch. Be ready to pay top dollar for it though.

Gallo Nero

Formerly known as Pizzaghetti, Gallo Nero offers a piece of Italy with its Roman palate. A perfect choice for late night dinner, breakfast lunch or even deliveries, Gallo Nero’s tantalizing menu offers a wide range of meals.

Located in Irish Town, Gallo Nero offers what we’d consider the best Sea Bass Papillote. So if you’re into seafood you definitely should stop by and give theirs a try.

Bean and Gone Café

Touted as a healthy food restaurant, Bean and Gone Café lives up to its reputation. An extensive menu covers everything from full English breakfast to a choice of low-carb meals for those watching their diets.

Besides making their own fresh vegan sushi on a daily basis their custom coffee blend is worth tasting- definitely among the best in the world!

The café’s relaxing atmosphere accentuates the wholesome experience.